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Our mission is simply to help entrepreneurs succeed by providing top-notch (world-class?) business software, tools, resources, training and advisory support. 

Services designed with you in mind

Our services are designed to meet you at your point of need — be it just an idea, a fledgling start-up, an early growth, or troubled business. Typical services may include the following:

At Start-Up

At Start-Up

  • Ideation/Business Model Design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business plan preparation
  • Business registration services
  • Financing strategy/Fund raising
  • Organisation design & recruitment
  • Business process design
  • Business management software services
  • Business tools, resources & training
  • Business incubation services
  • Virtual & Shared-office services
During Growth/ Scale-up

During Growth/ Scale-up

  • Business diagnostics
  • Business management software services
  • Business tools, resources & training
  • Growth/Scale-up planning & support
  • New product design and development
  • Marketing, Sales & service effectiveness
  • Market entry support
  • Operations improvement support
  • Financing strategy/Fund raising
  • Recruitment & training
  • Business management software services
  • Recruitment & organisation development
For Revitalization/ Stabilization

For Revitalization/ Stabilization

  • Business diagnostics
  • Business transformation & Change support
  • Business management software
  • Business transformation & change management
  • Business tools, resources & training
  • Financial restructuring/funding support
  • Recruitment & training
  • Business management software services
  • Recruitment & organisation development

Why SME-Springboard?

We provide you & your team the expertise, software, modern management tools and resources, online, and at your convenience.

Modernize your processes, reduce risk and increase ROI simultaneously, with our help.

Leverage Index Consulting’s resources expertise to get the best solutions and results.

Access business support services on-demand and on-the-go

Access all your reports, tools, training modules and support services realtime, on your device.

Get cost-effective support services

Highly discounted advisory and support services for startups and small/medium businesses.


My experience with Index Consulting was remarkable. They guided my journey in the early phase of my business and gave me the necessary framework and tools to understand and scale my business. // They are your go-to consulting firm on business planning, modelling, budgeting, projections. They have what it takes to help you grow at every stage of your business

Harvey Oiku, Founder/CEO - Blue Gold Corporate Concept Ltd/

Working with index consulting through GEM (Big-portal) changed the trajectory of our business and transformed my entrepreneurial journey. I was exposed to rudiments of business management at its premium. During the period, my business went through holistic diagnosis and thereafter attracted and still attracting investments.// I would recommend index for thoroughness and professionalism

Babatunde Adediran, Founder/CEO - Camel & Blue Concepts.

Index Consulting was exceptional in business development. During the early years of my small manufacturing business, Index Consulting played a pivotal role in the strategic planning and implementation as well as governance and organisational structure. Their input in my business proposal was instrumental to my business being able to access grant financing from the government.// Index Consulting is highly recommended by me

Hope Nwokeji, Managing Director, Ronny Beverages Ltd. & Ronny Fashion

My experience with Index Consulting is very awesome and incredible and one of the most important thing I gained from their consultancy is budget planning and management. Today I can boldly say my business finances is always on track.

Stephen Oluwatosin Olawuni, Director - Faith and Hope Business Venture.

My name is Arthur Uwagie, the Chief Executive of Donfalus Machines. Our flagship product, Donfalus Yam-pounder happens to be currently the best among its competitors.

We actually won a grant in 2019 as a result of the uniqueness of our brand. But again that never would have happened without the business training and coaching I received from IndexConsulting.

Ah, as a matter of fact, prior to the release of funds, I was under the training of IndexConsulting. Took me through the nitty gritty of writing a fundable and functional business plan. That was the backbone of winning the grant. In fact, that was what helped me to clinch that grant that period.

The training also helped me beyond the release of the funds. It also helped me to, to… In fact the chief consultant, Engr. Ike Onyenokwe, personally took me through management skills of my small manufacturing concern. He took me through customer care, product development, market research skills, and a lot of things.

And today while many in my industry have packed it up, I still remain the one man standing in the industry. I’m still producing yam pounders till date.

As a matter of truth, during his training, I also discovered a new market; which is the industrial use [market]. And that has led to putting my product in most of the biggest food outlets currently in Lagos state and some other states.

I’m So grateful to Engr. Ike Onyenokwe for his one-on-one coaching skills; I AM SO GRATEFUL.

In fact till today, sometimes when I’m in the office, I just remember the things he used to tell me when I sit in front of him; and he’ll be training me in his office.

I am so grateful sir. I have spoken about you several times,… several times; and I will recommend you any time, any day sir.

Arthur Uwagie, Founder/CEO - Donfalus Machines Ltd.

“How big is your dream really? We at SMESpringboard can help you get there.”

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